Murad Qureshi AM launches Living in London survey


Labour London wide Assembly Member Murad Qureshi is calling for Westminster residents to have their say about the key issues facing the capital by completing his annual Living in London survey. The survey, which seeks resident views on issues such as the rising costs of utility bills and transport fares, will run until the New Year and helps shape Murad’s work over the coming year. 

The survey features a wide range of questions on issues such as fare rises, the cost of living and the confidence in the emergency services since the Mayor’s cuts to police officer numbers and fire stations in the capital. 

Murad Qureshi said he feared residents in Westminster were suffering as a result of the continuing squeeze on living standards and that the survey would help to illustrate the impact Government and Mayoral policies are having on people in the borough.

Labour London wide Assembly Member Murad Qureshi said:

“The Living in London survey gives residents in Westminster a chance to have their say on the key issues facing the capital. Over the last year we have seen inflation busting fare rises, reductions in the number of neighbourhood police officers and soaring rents and house prices; it’s only right that Boris Johnson is made to hear the views of ordinary Londoners on the impact his policies are having.

“The views shared in this survey will help to illustrate the impact of the Mayor’s policies and to ensure the he doesn’t get away with yet more broken promises. It will also give my colleagues and I the vital information we need to help shape our priorities for the coming year.

“I strongly encourage residents to take part in this survey and let me know their experiences of Living in London over the past year. We are delivering the surveys to residents but they can also be filled out online. The more people complete the survey the stronger our voice will be pressing the Mayor for policies which help rather than hinder residents in Westminster.



–          Murad Qureshi is a Labour London wide Assembly Member.

-The 2014 Living in London survey can be accessed at:

–          Alternatively there are a limited number of hardcopy surveys which will be delivered but if residents do not receive one but would like to complete a hardcopy survey, they can contact Murad Qureshi AM by emailing and a copy will be sent to them.

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