Capital is global, & Labour needs to be as well


It was good to meet up with the New Yorkers demanding better pay and terms of employment in the fast food sector in their $15 per hour campaign to improve their pay as they came through London. I went long to show some solidarity with them, more importantly be inspired by them and thank the Bakers Food & Allied Workers Union for bringing them over the pond to our shores.

It is quite clear that whilst capital has gone global for sometime particularly in sectors like fast food with  companies like McDonalds, KFC & Burger King, leading lights in the globalisation of capital, labour needs to do so as well. Thats why we can be inspired by the efforts of our colleagues in New York, as fast food workers demand fair pay in the United States. Convincing oneself as well as colleagues across the United States when its a continent in itself, to strike for better pay is no small task and there is much to learn in a sector with little Trade Union activity at all.

Its also good that the Observer noted their challenge as they went through the UK in its edition today.

So lets start preparing for 15th of April, next year.

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