Revealed: Boris Johnson considering 90% cuts to education and youth services

Devastating proposals for 90% cuts to education programmes run by City Hall have been condemned as ‘disgraceful’ by Labour London Assembly Member Murad Qureshi. The cuts to projects which support young people to stay on at school, develop workplace skills and increase the number of apprenticeships were revealed in a leaked document which admitted they would disproportionately hit the most vulnerable groups of young people.

In a heated exchange at last week’s Mayor’s Question Time Boris Johnson refused to rule out the 90% cuts and resorted to telling Assembly Members to “stick it up your…” The leaked report showed that if the proposals were agreed funding for youth and education projects would drop from £22.6m in 2014/15 to just £2.3m by 2016/171. Certain projects such as those to support apprenticeships and get into work would be axed entirely with zero funding planned for 2016/17 despite the number of people starting apprenticeships falling for the last two years.

Murad Qureshi AM, Labour London wide Assembly Member, said:

“The fact that Boris Johnson would even consider cuts of 90% to schemes designed to help some of Westminster’s most vulnerable young people tells you everything you need to know about his cavalier and uncaring approach to governing.

“Projects to increase apprenticeships and support for people to stay on at school may seem like optional extras to Boris Johnson but for many young people they make a world of difference, helping them to get on in an increasingly competitive jobs market.

“Boris Johnson may be focused on his next job in Parliament but he has a duty to responsibly see out his term working for all Londoners. These cuts however suggest more a policy of scorched earth, drastically cutting funding to important projects and leaving his successor to pick up the pieces.”



  • BBC London coverage of the MQT meeting and leaked report showing 90% cuts to youth and education budgets is available here.
    • The number of apprenticeships started by region:


Region 2011/12 2012/13 2013/14
Full Year Full Year Full Year (provisional)
North East 38,340 35,870 30,020
North West 89,310 84,180 70,640
Yorkshire and The Humber 64,200 59,900
East Midlands 46,790 49,010 39,290
West Midlands 60,470 62,430 51,400
East of England 45,820 46,220 39,870
London 47,230 45,070 38,550
South East 66,850 68,960 58,690
South West 55,950 52,540 45,200
England Total 515,000 504,200 426,200
Other 5,600 6,040 6,220
Grand Total 520,600 510,200 432,400


Source: Breakdown by geography, equality & diversity and sector subject area: starts 2013/14


  • Murad Qureshi is a Labour London wide Assembly Member

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