Julius Caesar Pier @ Brentford?

River Action Plan

At last night’s London Waterways Commission (LWC), we had a presentation from Transport for London on their recently launched River Action Plan, to double passenger numbers along the Thames by 2020.

It was welcomed by all, yet many of the Commissioners agreed it should be called the “Passenger” River Action Plan because it fails to mention the role of freight along the Thames.  The emphasis is clearly on river passengers alone.  By highlighting this, The LWC Commissioners hope to usefully address these concerns.

Nonetheless, I found the river tube plan very interesting (above), in particular all the new piers being suggested, essentially by developers of waterside developments.  In the West we have Plantation Wharf and Battersea Power Station while in the East we have Barking & Gallions Reach.

Given the emphasis on Piers as destinations in the action plan, it occurs to me that one place that has been neglected is Brentford in the West.  It is the point at which the river Brent and the canals meet the Thames and it’s envisaged that passenger boats will go past it on their way to to Richmond and Kingston, so why can’t Brentford have a Pier as well.  Famously it is claimed that Julius Caesar landed there when he came over to Londinium during his reign  in 54 BC for the second invasion of Britannia as Brentford is a likely site of a battle recorded between Julius Cæsar and the local king, Cassivellaunus

So a Pier at Brentford on the Thames called “Julius Caesar Pier”?  Has a ring to it and is something l should possibly pursue with the Mayor?

12 thoughts on “Julius Caesar Pier @ Brentford?

  1. Nigel Moore

    Absolutely right Murad – appreciate the suggestion, and of course, there is the obvious location of the original Ferry Quays point which Branson used for awhile [although that was with big open ribs that were of dubious comfort in bad weather]. That remains undeveloped wasteland at present.

    The Kew Bridge corner development nearing completion was also required to include a pier/jetty, and as yet no sign of any work towards that – maybe suggest an upgrade for the purposes of the ‘action plan’ as well?

    On a pedantic point of accuracy, Julius Caesar did not ‘come over to Londinium’ because it didn’t really exist then; Brentford was the de-facto capital of SE Britain at the time, and Londinium hadn’t even been started as a satellite suburb then! But it would be great to see some recognition at last with river communication restored to at least a fraction of past glories.

    Pursue this with the Mayor by all means!

    1. Murad

      Thanks for the encouragement Nigel and l will pursue it happily.

      As for the local history lesson, l’m happy to be corrected and didn’t realise Brentford had been the capital of the South East in 54BC

  2. Luke Kirton

    I think it is a great idea. However I would of thought the obvious name for it would not be Juliius Caesea Pier but named after the local lad Cassivellaunus, who it is claimed, is the first British person whose name is recorded.

    Go on, get the pier in place and call it Cassi pier.

  3. Nicola

    Super idea, it might also encourage the little shuttle ferry between Brentford to Kew to start working again.


    I think Julius Caesar is a great choice for the pier name because in Syon House there is a piece of wood which supposedly was a marker when JC landed.

  5. Stuart Parrott

    Brilliant idea, Murad. You need to tell Boris Johnson that while his plan for stepping up river passenger travel is excellent, he needs to be fairer to those of us who live on this side of the river. Without an underground station, we in Brentford surely deserve a ferry station, a most efficient way to get us to Richmond or Hammersmith, and give us easy access within minutes to Kew Gardens. As for a name, Julius Caesar is an inspired idea: help put Brentford on the map. May I suggest letters to the Mayor’s Office, lobbying for Brentford to be included in the scheme.

  6. Sara Novakovic

    My vote goes to Brentford Pier, Middlesex Bank. Clear and accurate. Loud and proud.

  7. Sara Novakovic

    Having just looked at the plan for potential piers on the TFL’s River Action Plan, Brentford as a suggested pier isn’t even on it! Yet Kew and Richmond are. Oh suprise. This area would massively benefit from better transport links as the above post points out we have no tube. Will Brentford be bypassed again and all facilities be sprinkled on the much wealtheir borough of Richmond (again)? How do we make the pier happen when and if the ferry happens?

  8. Julia Quilliam

    It would be amazing to have a working pier in Brentford.

    Please make this happen, Brentford especially our struggling High Street really does need it.

  9. Sara Ward

    As my fellow Brentfordians have said, sounds great!
    Out of interest, how much would a boat trip cost?
    Would it be a real option as public transport or just a special day trip when we are hosting family & friends?

    Thanks for all you are doing…



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