More Petain then Eichmann – The Economist gets it wrong with war crimes in B’desh

In the Economist editorial of the 23rd of March edition on Justice in Bangladesh it gets it wrong with its comparison with the Eichmann trial as its more like Marshal Petain when making comparison with war crimes cases proceeding in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

I made this point in a recent letter l wrote to the Economist, which l was hoping would get published in this weeks edition;

Dear Economist Editor,

Eichmann is the wrong comparison to make with war criminals cases in Dhaka in your editorial of the 23rd March 2013 on Justice in Bangladesh – Another kind of crime.
Jamaat-e-Islami and its off-shoots were local collaborators for the Pakistan army in the struggle for Bangladesh like Marshall Petain of Vichy Republic with the Nazi in France during the second world war who after the war was convicted for treason, given a death sentence and then pardon.
Its always far more difficult dealing with your own kind like fellow Bengalis who were involved in the atrocities, hence the deep bitterness and why it needs to be dealt with before the nation can move on even if it means retrials.
So its more Marshal Petain then Eichmann.

Murad Qureshi,

27th March 2013


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