Boris half-hearted on climate change

The Mayor’s Climate Change Mitigation and Energy Strategy is yet another half-hearted attempt, according to Labour’s Assembly spokesperson on the environment.

Murad Qureshi said: "This draft is a half-baked attempt by Boris to address another important environmental matter – probably the most important of them all – that of Climate Change – and yet here again the Mayor’s plans are lacking in detail, ambition or leadership and as usual his plans rely on Government to sort out the problem for him.

"The so-called strategy lacks some vital building blocks – he doesn’t even set annual targets, which are essential to measure and end ensure progress happens in future years. Nor do we see him putting any pressure on London’s local authorities to make any real effort on climate change, although some London boroughs have some of the highest CO2 emitters per household in the country ."

Murad added: "Worryingly, his whole strategy heavily reliant on Government activity nationally rather than focusing on what he can do more locally in London, and there is plenty he could be doing, if only he had the political will.

"As for energy, Boris doesn’t seem to have grasped the huge potential that combined heat and power systems offer, not in he making the most of the Government’s feed-in tariffs for local communities to supply themselves and the national grid."


Murad Qureshi is a Londonwide Labour Assembly Member and is the Assembly’s Labour Group Environment spokesperson.

Details of the Mayor’s Draft Climate Change Mitigation and Energy Strategy can be found here:

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