Back to the eighties with “stop & search” ?

As the Met refers itself to police watchdog over the stop and search of the athlete’s Bianca Williams in their family car in W9, maybe it is time for them to realise that not all black people in big cars have gained them illegally!  

This kind of thing was happening also in the early eighties then with local lads who made it big in  football running around in their new cars in North Paddington except then the Met was not at all accountable then.  “Some things just don’t change with the Met” comments one of those who was caught up in all that then. 

As a video of the incident, which saw the Team GB sprinter and her partner Ricardo dos Santos pulled from their car in W9, has gone national online, we certainly did not have the mobile phone to record such incidents, only rumours which in many ways is more dangerous.  

Furthermore while there has been some trouble in the North of the borough after people relaxed from the closure of the lockdown, it was in the West End where we had a lot more trouble from local accounts. Yet the Met saw fit to send their vans of police to the North rather than the West End. 

So for some we are back to the eighties in more ways then we realise. 



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