Nursery cuts on the way after COVID19 lockdown

Local pre-school centre in Broadley St Gardens telling us its closed for till further notice.

Child-care is going to be a huge issue when Londoners finally return to work and in fact, it has been a huge issue during lockdown as women have taken on the bulk of caring duties.

The IFS & UCL Report ” How mothers and fathers balancing work and family under lockdown?” confirmed this as it revealed mothers taking the majority of the additional childcare as a result from COVID19 and women losing their jobs to a greater extent than men – so gender inequalities should also not be forgotten.  

Up to a 34 per cent of early years providers are facing closure due to COVID19 according to another report from the Sutton Trust

I suspect the TUC call for a four day week, will become popular for those in meaningful employment now.  


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