We may be mature enough to distinguish between the man and the present office he holds ( Editorial of the 11th of October in Evening Standard ) but l am not sure Donald Trump himself is able too.

His bigoted warmongering since in office at the beginning of the year is evidence enough. As it is not just his Muslim travel ban proposal; “build the wall” rhetoric aimed at the Latino community particularly the Mexicans and his verbal attacks against black NFL players for “taking the knee” which highlights his bigotry best but his flirting with white supremacists that illustrates it best.

On the war front it is even more clearer with his nuclear brinksmanship in North Korea; issuing vague threats of military action in Venezuela; u-turning on his policy of not increasing US troop numbers in Afghanistan and finally his threat to undo the Iranian nuclear deal which makes him a warmonger. All this while being the commando-in-chief of the largest military force the world has ever seen!

The man is completely self-absorbed and totally unconcerned about what he is doing to the reputation of office of the Presidency of the US.  It is not so much America First but himself first.

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