Chinese electric vehicles push already on our shores.

Chinese electric vehicles ready for export.

Not only is China making a big push for electric cars ( FT Big Read – Electric Cars – 13th October ) domestically as one plank of Beijing’s plan to transform China into a high tech industrial power which is target driven through its next 5 year plan but the Chinese are also assisting in sorting out bottlenecks in electric vehicle supply aboard.
A few cases in London illustrate the point well with the first double deck electric bus on our streets provided by BYD and also electric black cabs provided by Geely following a £ 300 m investment in a West Midlands plant. Showing well how Chinese electric vehicle manufacturers are helping to plug the gaps in our public transport infrastructure provision. So the Chinese know how of electric vehicles is already being exported and will no doubt make a contribution in reducing air pollution from our streets as well when we start buying their vehicles. 

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