Bell Street shop fronts need sorting out

Bell Street in Church St Ward is the forgotten street between Edgware Rd and Marylebone station, where we could do with some of the shop fronts being sorted out through the regeneration efforts in Church Street via planning enforcement. 

Recently the reopening of Lisson St ( as a pedestrian walkway ) in the Green spine in Church St has opened up, exposing the empty shop unit at the corner of Bell St. Clearly the street closure of Lisson St has been a success if you count the numbers of residents using the walkway through to the Gardens and shops. Yet the corner is blighted by this empty shop front with a lot of graffiti. It has been like this for many years now and does need sorting out probably with some planning enforcement.  So watch this space for some action. 

Now it is always good to see new local businesses opening up in the neighbourhood particularly in these times on the previous derelict corner of Bell St and Corlett St.  But the shutters don’t help the street look open at all! Whilst they may well be good security grounds for them, it does not help advertise the business when closed up. So why are we not having these shutters being built behind the window frontage? Indeed they seems to be some inconsistencies along Bell St, with Jasons Fabrics on the corner of Edgware and other businesses at the top end of Bell having shutters behind their window frame working very well.  So again we need some consistent planning enforcement along the street, so as all known what businesses are behind the closed shutters! 


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