Petitioning for long over due improvements to Brentford A4 crossings

Myself & Cllr Ruth Cadbury at one of the crossing where long over due improvements are needed

Today l presented a petition at City Hall calling for urgent improvements to pedestrian crossings on the A4 in Brentford in Hounslow following a campaign by local residents lead by local councillors and primary schools and in particular Cllr Ruth Cadbury for Brentford Ward and Cabinet Member for Regeneration & Planning in the London Borough of Hounslow.

I am helping the campaign to make the junctions at Clayponds Avenue, Ealing Road, Windmill Road and Brook Lane North in Brentford safer for pedestrians, especially the elderly, disabled and for children by raising it at City Hall. In July l raised concerns about safety at the junctions with the TfL Commissioner, Peter Hendy, in particular the safety of children who use these junctions to get to and from their local school.

I told him that this is an ongoing problem and should have been sorted out long ago. There is a severe lack of visibility at the junctions and drivers are unable to see what colour the traffic lights are, resulting in cars jumping the lights unintentionally.

There have been a number of accidents over the past few years and with students returning to school, my greatest fear is that we will see more. I’ve been told the funding is there from local developments by local councillors so I don’t understand why there’s this delay. The Mayor and TfL need to pull their finger out and get on with it.

Cllr Ruth Cadbury, said: “Drivers drive through red signals. We are asking TfL to look at improvements to the design of the signals so that drivers turning on to the A4 are in no doubt that a red light means they have to stop for pedestrians, more than 297 people from the local area have signed a petition to express their concerns about the safety of these roads and they should not be ignored.”

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