Mayor Johnson unplugs electric cars

It’s not surprising that there is a massive gap between what Boris says and what Boris does to mitigate climate change. Barely eight years ago he was a massive climate change denier stating categorically in his Telegraph column: "There is no evidence that the planet is suffering from the extreme weather patterns associated with climate change".

As an opportunistic MP he changed his spots when Cameron, a believer in climate change, invited him back into the Shadow Cabinet. At the time many felt that he only went along with this to avoid political oblivion.

During his campaign for Mayor and in his first couple of years he has shown himself to continue to be a shallow opportunist; he is scrapping the western congestion charge zone, postponed phase 3 of the low emission zone and has "taxed" the public transport user with a swingeing 30% hike in fares since coming to power. Retrograde steps lifting measures designed to promote climate change mitigation.

His grasp of the matter can only described as tenuous; in December last year he suggested that people should have fewer babies to save the planet while accusing environmentalists of being "miserablist, morose, bullying, judgemental and negative". At best all the measures he is putting forward will only make one third of the cuts in emissions needed to hit his target of 60% cuts in emissions over the next ten years.

Turning to electric cars, the opportunistic Mayor spouts forth; he boasts a £60 million scheme of which only £20m is coming from his purse, Transport for London. The rest will be found from "potential funding sources".

He talks of 25,000 electric vehicle charge points. The Mayor only aims to provide 500 of these "on street" and 2000 in public car, rail, underground and retail car parks. The Mayor proposes that 22,500 should be provided in the private sector.

Why do we believe him; his history tells us he is a reluctant convert, that he is happier to blame Government than to do what is needed, and he is only prepared to do the minimum to feebly grasp a headline in the lead up to the next General Election.

Poor show Boris. Stop lining your pockets writing pithy columns in the Telegraph and spend more time standing up for Londoners and driving the changes needed to mitigate climate change.

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