Edgware Rd no place for anti-shia protests

Above is a video clip of Anjem Choudhury’s mob causing public disorder along the Edgware Road.   This is nothing new but this time it’s taken a very sinister anti-Shia form and my view is that there may be grounds for the police to bring charges of religiously aggravated harassment or sorts.

I am no Assad et al defender in the context of the present appalling situation in Syria but the language, messages displayed by the banners and the timing of the protest along the Edgware Rd conveys a very anti-Shia sentiment.

Quite honestly we can do without such intra-faith tensions on the streets of London particularly one as diverse as the Edgware Rd, where we have Sunni Arabs at the Marble Arch end and by the time you get to Kilburn it becomes Shia Iranian. The Edgware Rd has been home to a wide Muslim diaspora where different denominations of Islam live side by side in peace.  Long shall this remain without trouble makers like Anjem Choudhury’s lot stirring up religiously aggravated sentiments towards Shias.

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