Crossing Chelsea bridge?

Many people have told me of the traffic difficulties getting onto the Chelsea Bridge from the Grosvenor Rd, so l decided to go and pay a trip down to this part of Central London.

So please see attached video during peak time yesterday on the way back home across Chelsea Bridge on a Friday night.

I  didn’t see a problem turning left into Chelsea Bridge way along Grosvenor Rd (East to West) or right from the other way but clearly congested problem will exist till Vauxhall Bridge is repaired by the 18th of November.

Nor did l see a problem of Traffic going up Lupus St, SW1. Not sure why, but if anything there was a lot of traffic coming on to the Grosvenor Rd down Lupus St. Personally I would avoid the junction at all costs.  

The busiest road by far was the road leading down from Sloane Sq to the Bridge along Chelsea Bridge Road. If there was a problem, it was the road sign point to Hammersmith & Earls Court being South the River!!!!! I don’t suppose TfL can swing the sign around again in the right direction! 

So while l can not see a solution to the heavy traffic immediately towards the bridge till the 18th of November, l await a response from TfL on the road sign. 


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