Assembly declares London a Fracking Free Zone

Greater London, a Fracking Free Zone

Greater London, a Fracking Free Zone

At last week’s plenary, after the motion on the Mayor’s toxic environmental legacy was passed it was established the London Assembly wanted London to be a fracking free zone.

The motion states this quite clearly in its fifth paragraph;

” The Mayor’s attacks on renewable and support for tracking are symbolic of his regressive approach to London’s environment challenges. Given this, the London Assembly does not support any fracking activities with the boundaries of Greater London”

This is in shape contrast to the Mayor’s view that “….. that no stone shall be left unturned to find shale gas in London…” and the Tory Group at the London Assembly lead by Tony “JR Ewing” Arbour AM of South-West London who want to turn the GLA into a centre for oil speculating like Dallas.

London is and should always be a no-fracking zone.

2 thoughts on “Assembly declares London a Fracking Free Zone

  1. JohnBrian

    It is unbelievable. india is doubling coal production to guarantee that all of the country can have electricity 24/7. That because they and China who are close to trebling coal consumption are interested in creating good well paid jobs that will lift their people out of poverty. You on the other hand what to be like southern democrats – or democrats in general – extinct. Why not learn the lesson of the Google-Owned Solar Company that requested $540 Million bailout to help pay $1.6 billion loan. In all of the left wings universe there is a money tree, which you can keep withdrawing for ever.

    1. Murad

      Quite honestly the bail-out you mention is not od the solar company in the same league of the global bail-out of the finance sector of trillions in 2008-09 which you have conveniently neglected to mention.

      As for India & China l hope there do not copy our models of development including our consumption of fossil fuels and also opt for solar power which certainly China is in the long run. Who wants to be their energy security based on the politics of the Middle East or the Old Soviet Union.


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