Electric cars are good news – but is London ready for the demand?

The excellent letters in the ES today under title Electric presents a charging point challenge tells us of the deep concerns Londoners have about the availability of electric cars in light of a government ban of petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040. This is something the London Assembly report ” Charging Ahead? ”  in response to the last Mayor efforts to make London the electric car capital of Europe picked up on over 5 years ago. And if anything is to go by, we have a long way to go to have the infrastructure for Londoners to feel confident of buying and using electric cars. We clearly firstly need an update on the situation in London, as 1400 plug in points for an estimated third of London’s drivers willing to go electric out of 2.6 million car vehicles 

The involvement of all our local councils to provide the plug in points for charging up on their suburban roads  and energy companies to provide new sources of electricity will be critical clearly but TfL will need to pull up their socks. As little progress has been made since the last Mayor spectaular failure to deliver his aim to make London the electric car capital of Europe and indeed has put out their work on this front to private sources to deliver rather then themselves.
What has been clear to me after visits to production lines in Sunderland & Berlin, is that car manufacturers like BMW & Volvo are ahead of government policy in the UK and more globally as well.