Was the control panel switched on?


The headline of the Westminster Extra on the “floods – next time switch on the pumps” makes us wonder whether the Maida Vale Floods alleviation Scheme was even switched on in W9 in the first place last year when we had the floods in Little Venice, W9 on the 12th of July with disastrous effects to people who lived in basement flats in the neighbourhood. So not surprisingly many who go pass it regularly, ask themselves was the amber light on their control panel above flashing at all during the floods on Shirland Rd?

This also when over £ 15 million plus was spent on the Maida Vale Flood Alleviation Scheme in W9 all paid by our water bills and only a matter of 5/6 years ago. It would be incredible if it was not switched on at all!

Unfortunately this does not appear to have been asked in public scrutiny of Thames Water activities, and we of course await third party verification as well.

Nonetheless it is a damning indictment of Thames Water services along with their dumping of sewage into our waterways to its customers in Little Venice, who also face higher building insurance premiums from the impact of the floods.

Murad Qureshi, Sara Hassan & Rosie Wrighting
Labour Candidates for Little Venice

3 thoughts on “Was the control panel switched on?

  1. molly ayton

    Dear Murad
    It is now Nov /2023 and with the heavy rain
    and the pending storm on 02/11/23 coming our way.
    Have Thames Water prepared themselves for this?
    Because as a resident I have very little that I can do.
    How do I know or find out if the pumps etc will work?
    Molly Ayton
    Shirland Road


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