All change along Bell Street, NW1

All changed along Bell St, NW1 off the Edgware Rd 

The Bell St part of Church St Ward in the City of Westminster, is seeing some major changes in the make up of its locality.

Firstly we have seen the first residents move into the 49 flat Cosway St development between Bell St & Shroton St which the previous administration at Westminster Council had developed to cross subsidies other regeneration efforts in the Ward where properties in this bit of Marylebone were going for over £800,000 plus for the smallest unit. It is been suggested the sales went well for the development as suddenly see about more SUVs on streets around there.

Secondly along Penfold St we have several blocks of Miles Buildings, Penfold St, NW1 where we some of the worst private rented housing in the City. And its been like this since the 1960’s as “poet & hack” John Betjemen noted in a broadcast in 1968 as he took a journey from Marble Arch to Edgware noting the Contrasts

Well it appears they have all been sold to a developer who wants to refurbish them all. This probably mean a lot families made homeless with local roots as the blocks get refurbished, with an estimate of over 40 families at least.

So watch these demographic changes are happening side by side in a neighbourhood in Marylebone which is very accessible to the West End and Paddington, its proximity to these places the reason why many still stay around in this locality.

New Cosway St development sees new residents moving into them. 


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