Ramadan lights vs Easter lights – really?!

Last year for the first time, we saw Ramadan lights in a small parts of the West End funded by the Aziz Foundation. These were considered the first ever undertaken anywhere in the world.

In the second year, of Ramadan lights in the West End we find the month of fasting overlaps with Easter. Some suggest we should have had Easter lights instead. So maybe in future we can do so when a funder is found to sponsor such lights for the first time.  But it should not be thought of as one or the other in a zero sum game. Rather we should take the lead from Antwerp in Belgium where we had Muslims and Christian sharing a 2 km long table to share iftar at least.  

But there will be occasions to share the breaking of fasting in London as well in the last week of fasting like on Trafalgar Square. Not too dissimilar to street parties we would have on Royal occasions, only these would be annual events. 

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