Mayor must tackle tube noise before 24 hour tube service

At Mayors Question Time (MQT) on the 17th of June last year, so shown above l got the following response from the Mayor when l raised concerns about tube noise from residents who lived near Baker Street tube station ” We are going to have a 24 hour Tube but we cannot be rattling people’s teacups at 3.00am and so we will sort it out “. So it was clear that he would deal with tube noise issue before launching the 24 hour tube service in localities like Baker Street. 

Coming now to the end of his term, l thought l should raise the Baker Street Tube noise issue again in written form this time and l got the following response, after quoting what he had said and asking whether he was satisfied that TfL had addressed these concerns  before the night service begins? 

The written response is as follows:

” TfL works to prevent noise and vibration issues through regular maintenance and improvement work. It has a robust process of investigating any noise or vibration complaints and will carry out remedial work to manage and mitigate the issues as required, including on lines that operate Night Tube. This is happening across the network.

TfL undertook planned maintenance on the Jubilee line in the Baker Street area in August 2015, and grinding of ‘rough’ rail in this section in February 2016. Both of these actions have resulted in incremental decreases in noise.

TfL will continue to engage with the local community over any concerns and regularly monitor the condition of rail and track condition to manage appropriate levels of noise in the lead up to Night Tube becoming operational, and once the service has begun ”

It’s clear to me that his officials have got to him and given this rather bureaucratic response. As a result l thought l needed to get the issue more attention and managed to get into the ES under the header Boris Johnson must tackle tube noise before rising in 24 hour service. Surely this should have been sorted by now almost 10 months since l raised it with him directly but it clear it has not been undermost in his mind when delivering the 24 hour tube service as part of his legacy to London. So watch this space for any further developments? 




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