Hounslow cyclists showing us the way

With Hounslow LCC at Market Place, Brentford

With Hounslow LCC at Market Place, Brentford


Last Saturday l joined a group of cyclists in Hounslow for a ride around Brentford, Isleworth & Old Deer Park.  It not only gave me an appreciation of the roads of Brentford & Isleworth but also its history of maritime activities with its docks. Furthermore its place in Roman history with its claim to Julius Csear landing on its shores rather then some other part of West London!

l brought along a Brompton bike to do the tour. As Brentford is the home of the bike, l thought its the bike l should be seen on during this ride  

So well done to London Cycling Campaign (LCC) in Hounslow for organising such an event and l look forward to other trips. As well as them promoting cycling for all  across the borough; improving the cycling infrastucture in the borough; and promoting better relations between other road users as well.

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