Nasty Party, Nasty Theresa May


Theresa May famously claimed her own Tory Party was the nasty party when she was Party chairperson and she has clearly shown that tendency with herself over the Talha Ahsan extradition.

When she had the discretion as Secretary of State for the Home Affairs, she put Talha Ahsan in with Abu Hamza when she extradited them to the US and boasted this to the Party faithful in their 2012 Party Conference. Furthermore, she decided not to extradite Gary McKinnon another person who the US wanted extradited but she rejected it on health grounds as he has Aspergers syndrome. Talha Ahsan has a similar condition yet she felt not able to wave the extradition request from the US on the same grounds. You can only guess what made her do that!

So shame on Theresa May for being so nasty.

Thats why l was happy to speak against her in front of the Home Office last weekend and welcome back the swift return of Talha to London. He was cleared by a US judge more than a month ago now and should have been back to spend Eid with his family, yet incredible the authorities in the US still detain him.

Welcome back to London Talha soon.

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