Heathrow outspends Gatwick

Heathrow sponsored ticket barriers at Westminster tube station

Heathrow sponsored ticket barriers at Westminster tube station

Guess who’s outspending their rival airport in advertising their expansion plans on the tube network? Yes its Heathrow Holdings ltd by almost three times that of Gatwick according to figures release this month via the Mayors Office in response to questions from myself.

Heathrow spent £262,000 already on the first two months of the calendar year 2015 while Gatwick has spent £98,398. These figures will no doubt increase all the way up to the Howard Davies announcement of the Airport Commission decision of this expansion should occur in London & the South-East. So by a margin of three, Heathrow will be putting out its propaganda to the general public on the tube to retain and expand its monopoly on aviation flights in and out of London at not only the cost of many local residents quality of life but many travellers cost of air flights as well.


Gatwick advert above  telling us the noise impact of Heathrow’s expansion proposal

One thought on “Heathrow outspends Gatwick

  1. Neil Keveren

    Heathrow Airport Ltd can spend and spend but no one believes a word they say. Not even the Prime minister . ” LAST CHANCE TO STOP MORE NOISE OVERHEAD, LAST CHANCE TO STOP MORE AIR POLLUTION, LAST CHANCE TO PROTECT YOUR LOCAL WAY OF LIFE.
    NO IFS NO BUTS NO THIRD RUNWAY” David Cameron 2009 manifesto pledge.
    “Bypass democracy this time at your peril Mr Cameron. A third runway at Heathrow is not politically deliverable. Your promise was to STOP not DELAY the destruction of our community, state what you stand for now! before the election or we shall presume the worst and vote accordingly.” Neil Keveren, Heathrow villages


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