Diplomats still not paying CC

I am glad to see that TfL have not forgotten the unpaid congestion charge bills of  diplomats in London. As it almost 20 years ago l brought up the issue at the London Assembly as a new AM representing all Londoners, as l saw it as an abuse of Londoners hospitality particularly in Central London. 

I also brought it up under Boris Johnson administration when he was Mayor of London between 2008 & 2016. The diplomats should be shamed into having to pay up these fees due to TfL. Can you imagine what could be done for Londoners public transport options if we had £144 million to spend on their priorities, as reported by TfL this week in the Evening Standard. 

The charge is not a tax under British law and the charge is not dissimilar to the charge you pay to get into Manhattan UN HQ via its bridges and tunnels. If its good enough for British diplomats to pay in New York then why not here with US and other countries diplomats. It is of direct benefit to diplomats, as it helps give them more space on the roads of Central London. And could be interpreted as an abuse of our hospitality . So do pay up asap and lets avoid a diplomat incident over it all annually. 

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