Thames Water dismal water leakages & capital spending

Whilst all the focus is on sewage leakages into the Thames, let us not forget according to Thames Water’s own records, water leakages run almost at a quarter of all their pipes and the attempt to replace them has seen no end of road works. Ask any black cabbie in London, who causes the most work roads in Central London? Thats after having this responsibility since 1989 and over 3 decades, we still see no real progress has been made, as it continues to literally be money down the drain for its customers.

On top of this we have their poor performance of capital works. One only needs to point to their desalination plant in Beckton which has largely been lying empty since being built in 2010 for £250 million from our bills. It was approved by the then Mayor of London, Boris Johnson after the previous Mayor, Ken Livingstone had refused planning permission for it.

It has been built at great expense of Thames Water customers, using a process called reverse osmosis to turn saltwater into drinking water. It was meant to have had the capacity to pipe drink water into 400,000 homes in London by drawing on 100m litres a day of water from the Thames during a drought. In the meantime Thames Water has admitted the high-tech plant is off-line and been hardly used, if at all.

The Glazers are notoriously known for taking major dividends annually out of Man Utd and investing very little back into the football club. The same can be said about Thames Water and their relationship with their 16 million customers. You only have to look at their performance on water leakages and capital expenditure to see this very clearly.

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