Air pollution crisis at City of Westminster schools

Walking to school is when a lot of pupils our exposed to poor air

Walking to school is when a lot of pupils our exposed to
poor air

In the Mayor’s of London lists of 440 schools breaching EU toxic air limits, City of Westminster schools feature strongly with 6 of the top 10 primary schools with the highest breaches and the top secondary school affected by breaches in the borough. Furthermore, the schools are located in all parts of the Borough – Paddington, Marylebone, Pimlico & Covent Gardens – affecting children in both richer and poorer parts of the borough.    

iIlustrating well how central the City of Westminster is in tackling the air pollution crisis in London. It will need the borough working very closely with the Mayor of London on particular hotspots like Marylebone Rd where we have a concentration of schools affected by NO2 annual mean over 60 ug/m3, along the boundary of the congestion zone. I trust we can see particular initiatives along the Marylebone Road, which tackles the worst affected primary & secondary schools in the whole of London.  

So on the 60th anniversary of the Clean Air Act, closer working between City of Westminster & Mayor of London to reduce the exposure of children in the schools worst affected by air pollution would be useful.   I will certainly be writing into the Mayor’s consultation on his Ultra Low Emission Zone ( ULEZ ) with this and many other suggestions. 

For the lists of all primary and secondary schools affected by poor air quality over the EU toxic air limits in London, press the primary and secondary words above. 


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