Why spiralling petrol prices help the Mayor



King of transport costs

How do you square the fact that with record increases in tube fares at the beginning of the year and the Mayor still not getting to grips with the upgrading of the tube notoriously the Jubilee line, we have record levels of patronage on the tube?

Well, behind the price increases and the flagging quality of the service lies another important determinant factor of travelling – the cost of tanking up ones car. Increased use of the tube is the response by many to the even higher costs of travelling by car particularly from the outer suburbs into central London. Spiralling petrol prices have tipped the price balance in favour of public transport. Although, It is a balance which is so fragile that unreasonable spikes in the price of either mode of travel can easily tip the balance in favour of the less unreasonable hike.

So as long we have these crazy global prices resulting from a combination of the Arab Spring cutting off some supply like Libya and the emerging economies demanding more energy, the Mayor of London will continue to get away with murder sustaining high price levels and a poor service.


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