Why are so many post boxes closed in W9?

Normally at this time of the year, we like to go to our local post box to send our Christmas cards but alas this has been denied to folk in W9 as we have a number of post boxes blocked or lying derelict. 

Along Bristol Gardens, Sutherland Avenue & Warwick Avenue we have as many as four post boxes closed up and lying derelict. The first three appear to have been blocked up still after recent roads works which have long since been finished. While the one on top end of Warwick Avenue has been closed since the 19th of May, on health and safety grounds. And it really should not take over six months to replace it with a new one! 

So what kind of explanation do the Royal Mail offer to this closing up of post boxes in W9. While l await their explanation with eagerness, l just know W9ers in the meantime, have been denied their right and ability to send their Christmas cards in the normal traditional manner via their local post boxes. 

We certainly know since its privatisation of Royal Mail under Vincent Cable, it has got a lot more expensive to send mail, but l did not know it was cutting its service levels as well in urban areas like Central London. So what has W9 done to deserve this Royal Mail in the lead up to Christmas?

Merry Christmas W9ers.  

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