Who’s footing police bill for Julian Assange siege in the Ecuadorian Embassy?

I trust Londoners aren’t picking up the bill for the Police in this photo!

Last weekend in the 60 seconds slot of the London part of the Sunday Politics Show, it highlighted the £ 1 million costs so far incurred for the policing outside the Ecuadorian embassy where Julain Assange is holed up. I like to think my written MQTon this very question was the source of the figure.

More importantly l trust Londoners will not be having to pay the bill for the additional policing then is normally in front of the  embassies in Central London. The Home Minister on the programme responded by saying he has yet to receive the bill. Quite honestly l think the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) should pick up the bill having recreated the circumstances for the seige in Knightsbridge in the first place. Who ever does pick up the tab, lets hope its not Londoners.

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