This part of the tube network, is the oldest section as it forms a major junction between the Farringdon & Paddington line; yet under the “PPP”, there have been no maintenance or renewal works, even to improve the most basic part of the infrastructure such as the signals and track. The signal box which currently operates dates back to 1928! Compare this, to the newest section of the tube network, the Jubilee line, which seems to have been under continuous work under the PPP since it was started! When are the priorities going to change? And more importantly, who and what are driving the decisions which determine these priorities?
Funnily enough, and quite aptly, l bumped into the former CEO of London Underground, Tim O’Toole, at Edgware Road this weekend, whilst on my weekend travels and whilst once again, being reminded of the rather dire state of affairs which still persists on this line. He told me, that, had he still been CEO, the next priority for tube upgrading, would have been to upgrade the sub-surface lines, i.e. the quasi underground lines, just like Edgware Road. He’d made no secret about these plans prior to his departure and I’m sure that the current CEO, Mike Brown is aware of both the problems faced by users of stations like Edgware road and the commitment made by his predecessor.
Now that these contracts are in house, let’s see some commonsense decisions taken regarding which lines should be prioritised for works. The oldest and most obviously needy parts should not have to be completely decimated by years of neglect before someone takes the decision to carry out works on them.


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