When is eight actually six?

Murad Qureshi AM, questioned the Leader of Bromley Council about the disappearance of two trees from Hastings Lane in Penge East.  During a visit last month to the local area, Murad was approached by several residents who’d noticed that, following pedestrianisation works by the local council to an access way between Princes Road and Alexandra Road, known as Hardings Lane, only six trees were planted back and not the original eight. 

Murad wrote to the Leader of Bromley Council, Stephen Carr, congratulating him for the works to the local area, but expressed resident’s concerns that two of the trees had failed to return.  In his letter to the leader, Murad said “trees form a vital component of a healthier and greener environment” and asked “whether there are plans to increase the number of trees to the original eight which existed prior to the works” The Leader responded, stating that “eight trees were considered to be inappropriate for the area in question as there were too many of them, especially on London clay which leads to root damage” 

Murad is a London wide Labour Assembly Member and is the Assembly’s Labour Group Environment spokesperson.  He responded to Bromley’s reply stating that “it is vital that someone speaks up and questions decisions like the one made by Bromley, because of the potential impact on the environment.  Although, there are six ornamental trees there now, which will, eventually mature, residents clearly wanted to see all the trees returned.  I’d hope that in the future, councils consult residents more widely and make them aware of their plans and reasons for decisions like this which impact upon the quality of resident’s enjoyment of their local environment”  



Murad Qureshi is a Londonwide Labour Assembly Member and is the Assembly’s Labour Group Environment spokesperson.

Details of the Assembly’s Environment Committee meeting can be found here: 


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