What’s the ugliest building in Westminster?

Nova Building, Victoria, SW1

As the Nova Building, Victoria, SW1 scoops the national award for ugliest building in the UK for 2017, what is your ugliest building in City of Westminster for you? 

For myself it has to be Burne House, Bell Street, NW1 owned by BT behind the Edgware Rd (Bakerloo line) tube station. It is easily the ugliest building in my neighbourhood. Please see below. 

Burne House, Bell Street, NW1

If you have a building you think is ugly, do tell me ( with a photo ) and lets compile the top 10 ugliest buildings in Westminster.

3 thoughts on “What’s the ugliest building in Westminster?

  1. Mark Whiffen

    Can we start a petition or movement to demolish Burne House? I live just round the corner in Lisson St. This building is so ugly and filthy and blocks so much light. I hate it.
    Any ideas?

    1. Murad Post author

      I also live very nearby off Bell St. Lets meet up when lockdown ends and discuss further moves.


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