What’s in a name? – plenty!

Where is the Gate referred to in the name of the new development going up called West End Gate? Can the Marylebone flyover have been mistaken as a Gate by the developers, given its only a stone throw away from the posh development. Indeed when was a bit of Little Venice on the Edgware Road part of the West End? The developer even claims its in Marylebone when its clearly on the wrong side of the Edgware Rd – its in Paddington. No doubt the unsuspecting international buyer for whom the development is aimed at as an investment, will take the name as red and think it is actually in the West End! 

This instance illustrates well that they is plenty in a name when you are talking about a major development and the market it wants to attract. In light of its implications, the renaming of neighbourhoods should really have a process of approval ideally via the local authority similar to planning consents required for developments. Maybe even making it part of the planning system? Maybe even grounds for the Mayor of London to call in an application, as developers redraw the boundaries of our urban villages and neighbourhoods. 

Indeed this is also happening with the renaming of schools which l attended like Quintin Kynaston Comp and Paddington Green Primary by powerful academies in their attempts to rebrand them. You would have thought that at a time when a lot of attention is being drawn on Paddington from the movie Paddington Bear, the Academy chain would refrain from such a move. Particularly when only a year ago it welcomed the creator of Paddington Bear, Michael Bond to the school! 

So in short, there is plenty in a name. Just ask a developer! 

Is this development “West End Gate” in Marylebone or Paddington? – certainly not in the West End.

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