What about permanent home for @Olympics ?

IMG_3972As your Big Read article suggests but does not quite conclude, the trouble with the Olympic Games is that they need a permanent home (“The high price of Olympic glory”, August 1).

For myself certainly, the best bit of the Olympics held in London in 2012 was actually beating Paris for the nomination on July 6 2005 in Singapore, illustrating the best in the rivalry between Paris and London. Even those who didn’t support the London bid enjoyed that spectacle!
There is no better place for a permanent home than where the Olympics originated in ancient times: Athens. In 2004, the city hosted a reasonable Games for all of us who went to watch the supreme efforts of the athletes on show. It is also ideally located for Asia, Africa and rest of Europe to get there.
Of course the only objectors to that will be the International Olympic Committee members, who probably enjoy the prime ministers and presidents of rival cities grovelling to them every four years for the right to stage the Games. But as your article suggests, we may be coming to end of all that now.
Here is the link to the letter in the FT letters page.