Westminster cladding victims have just one choice

M&M Buildings where leaseholders face bills of up to £40,000 for cladding works to make their homes safe.

As the scaffolding goes up on the cladded blocks in the City of Westminster for those caught in the cladding scandal, their face a plain choice in the forthcoming London Elections.

Now the cladding blocks where scaffolding has been put up in the borough of Westminster including the following below; 

  • Montgomery House, 135 Harrow Road, W2 1H 
  • Marshall Building, 3 Hermitage Street, W2 1P 
  • Munkenbeck Building, 5 Hermitage Street, W2 1P 
  • Balmoral Apartments, 2 Praed Street, W2 1J 
  • Cornwall House, 7 Allsop Place, NW1 5B 
  • 60-62 St. Martins Lane, WC2N 4LN 
  • Westminster Green, 8 Dean Ryle Street, SW1P 4DA 
  • Eagle Wharf, 138 Grosvenor Road, SW1V 3J 
  • 5 Praed Street, W2 1NJ 

After last week in the Palace of Westminster and the Commons in particular, it should be clear to residents that the Tory government has done next to nothing to help. They expect you to foot the bill to fix a problem that wasn’t your fault, leaving you facing unaffordable leaseholder charges. 

In this respect their is no choice between Cllr Rita Begum, the Labour Party candidate for West Central and the present incumbent Tory AM. He has remained silent and instead of standing up for you, he was looked the other way. Cllr Rita Begum supports all unsafe cladding should be replaced by 2022; insists that leaseholders shouldn’t have to pay for the repairs and that their homes should receive government support to replace the cladding and finally end the exorbitant charges for waking watches.

I of course also have echoed the same views in supporting a London Assembly motion supporting the 10 steps promoted by the End Our Cladding Scandal campaign, including robust targets and urgent government action to address the remediation of buildings found to be dangerous and the Mayors call for levy on private developers to fund the costs of cladding away from the leaseholders.

So Westminster cladding scandal victims quite honestly have just one response this coming Thursday the 6th of May, and thats voting LABOUR,LABOUR & LABOUR to make their message to government loud and clear. 



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