Welcome to London – fugitives,crooks & war criminals!

Some journalists have recently commented on London appearing to have become the home of many crooks and fugitives from around the world. For example,  Marina Hyde in the Guardian suggests London has become a full-blown creep haven as she points her finger to many of  global scumbags now residing in London whom have often very unsavoury allegations against them. Other like Max Hastings have specifically pointed the finger at certain communities like the Russians in London on live TV on respectable shows like the AM Show on sunday morning, suggesting its a result of London having become the libel capital of the world.

Its also been something l have been asking questions about to Mayor, in response to the  some of the things l have noticed in my particular neighbourhood in response more often then not to the rumours l hear along the Edgware Road!  For example  former President of Pakistan Pervez Musharraf   whom its rumoured we were spending over £ 25,000 a day on his security in Hyde Park Ward. This when his approach to opponents in Balochistan was to send them body bags of their colleagues. Or Rifaat Al-Assad, the uncle of the present President of Syria Assad who stands accused of being the butcher of Homs in the early 1980s.  And not least, we have some 44 referrals of war criminals to the MET by the Border Agency whom the MET has seen fit not to do anything about at all, by just saying we just have not.  This by of all departments, the anti-Terrorism Section which makes you wonder how come its seen as a terrorism threat!  Finally some journalists have even seen fit to give me some credit for such questioning of the Mayor in his position as the ultimate boss of the MET.

This trend continues today in the Sunday Telegraph, as we have Gilligan reporting from Dhaka about one particular case we know too well in the Bangladeshi community – Chowdhury Moeen-Uddin. Its alleged he committed war crimes during the liberation of Bangladesh in 1971 which involved abductions and disappearances of leading Bengali intellectuals towards the end of the war. It is likely he will be prosecuted during the summer in Dhaka and the UK government could face extradition requests by Bangladesh government. What ever happens we could do without this albatross around the neck of the body politics of Bangladeshis both at home and aboard to be finally dealt with once and for all. The victims of 1971 deserve to get their justice and their families closer on these horrific events.

I just ask that if London’s going to become more ethical that we deal with these peoples deeds from other parts of the world before letting them into the country in the first place. And those already in the UK who have clearly not been telling us the truth about their past, should have their British nationality removed from them. Lets get rid of all these global scrumbags living in our London and if necessary through the British courts.

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  1. Abdullah

    Chowdhury Moinuddin: Operation in-charge in killing of the intellectuals; Special Editor of the London based weekly, Dawat; leader of the London-based Jamaat organisation, Dawatul Islam.

    Tarique Rahman: (also spelled as Tarek Rahman) (born November 20, 1967) is a Bangladeshi politician. He is the Senior Vice Chairperson of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP). His nickname is Pino, which is less used by the public than the nickname, Tarek Zia.
    It is proved that Tarique Zia is involved in corruption. TAREQ RAHMAN ALSO A ACTIVE AGENT OF JMB HUJI & LeT IN BANGLADESH.
    During 2007-08 Bangladesh government twelve cases filed against Tarek Zia. On March 7, 2007 Tarique was arrested from his house at Dhaka Cantonment while he was having meeting with a group of BNP leaders.
    Tarek Zia on bailed after about 18 months’ imprisonment. Following the release of Tarique’s mother Khaleda Zia on September 11, 2008 Rahman was set to fly for London, United Kingdom due to overseas treatment at Wellington hospital in London an Independent private hospital in St. John’s Wood, North West London. In the airport he was compelled to sign a statement regarding force retirement from BNP politics in Bangladesh.
    At a press conference, Khaleda Zia announced that Tarique will be away from politics until he fully recovers from illness.
    The Anti corruption Commission has filed a new money laundering case against Tareque and his friend and business partner, Giasuddin Al Mamun.
    Now Khaleda Zia is saying, her son Tarek Zia would take part in active politics on his return from abroad after completing treatment.


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