dsc01701Having returned from the Champions League final in Rome, l won’t dwell on the football too much, just to say that we didn’t seem to know how to respond after going down 1-0 and we have probably seen the last of Ronaldo sadly. Hence the play on the words of Julius Caesar.

It is clear that all roads lead to Rome, certainly if you look at the way Stadio Olimpico has been managed since the 1960 Rome Olympics. It has both local teams, Roma and Lazio, playing with fanatical support at the stadium on alternative weekends on a pitch around a running track. This is something we are not doing after 2012 with our stadium in London despite all the expenditure on it.

I have also lent my support to a suggestion in a Guardian editorial that the Stadio Olimpico should become the permanent home of the Champions League final, with some provisos. These being that we should not have to show photo ID at the stadium, that a drinking ban on the day is inconsistent with beer firms sponsoring the Champions League, and that the final should be held over a weekend and not mid-week.