“We are all Rohingya’s” now

Myanmar Generals are only good for attacking their own  civilians.

The plight of the Rohinya’s will rightly get a lot of attention on the floor of the UN General Assembly this week at the United Nations this week. 
The ethnic cleansing is such that over 400,000 Rohingya’s have walked into neighbouring Bangladesh and it is probably already hosting half a million Rohinya’s in the densely packed country from previous occasions when they have had to flee. The last major occasion was when Burmese army attacked them in their villages in 1991/92 and the two countries almost went to war on the matter. 
We also need to remind the Buddhist hate preachers of Myanmar, Buddhism and Hinduism spread to Arakan from ancient Bengal and that the Arakan and south eastern part of Bengal ( now Chittagong Division in Bangladesh) were often ruled by the same dynasties. So clearly using “Bengalis” as a derogatory remark is a denial of their religious origins.  
More over for those of us who are Bengali, we have become Rohingya’s now in the eye’s of the authorities in Myanmar particularly their military. Like most Asian military establishments, they give themselves medals for beating up their own civilians then actually defending the territory integrity of their countries. One useful thing the General Assembly could do for the Rohinya’s is to bad arms exports to the Myanmar military establishment, taking the means of this destruction away from them on their ethnic cleansing operations.  While most of the world is aiming fire at Suu Kyi, lets not forget who is actually doing the burning down and killing of Myanmar’s civilians.  
Lets also learn not to see all Buddhists in the rosy imagination that Hollywood gives the faith. These Buddhist hate preachers not only exist in Myanmar but also in Sri Lanka. Just ask any Muslims from Sri Lanka about their activities as l found out yesterday with their demonstration outside the Myanmar Embassy in London.  Such rosy imagery just does not hold if you ask Rohingya’s and Sri Lanka’s Muslims under attack by their hate preachers in South Asia. Hollywood’s output needs to better reflect this reality.  

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