Was “frack head” Boris lobbied by Crosby?

The Mayor in his recently released Vision 2020 s  spelt out how London’s further energy needs by stating it  would need six additional  sub-stations to respond to the energy gap in London.

This fits in well with the recent fears expressed by the regulator of the energy sector OFGEM that we could have “black outs” in the economy as  near as 2015 and the London Assembly’s Environment Committee  report outlining the energy gap in London to be in order of 11 per cent in December 2011, the difference between what we take from the national grid and what we actually supply into it.

As a result l asked him about it at todays plenary on his Vision 2020.  Please see video clip above to watch the exchange. 

More recently we find the Mayor writing in support of fracking in London in a letter to the Times ( date ) suggesting he is a recent convert to its cause.

The Observer this past weekend, highlighted the clients of Crosby in his firm Crosby Textor both in Australia and here in the UK, which include drinks industry interests and tobacco giants like Phillip Morris suggesting that in both instances links to government u turns on public policy positions like the government changing its minimum unit price for alcohol and ending branded cigarette packets.

His companies also lobby for Australian Petroleum Production & Exploration Association which promotes fracking.

Given the access he has had to the Mayor of London Boris Johnson, does this explain the Mayo’sr sudden adoption of fracking as the way out of the energy crunch in London?



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