W9ers for the Bakerloo line

As the Evening Standard reported last week and this week again that the TfL financial crisis could mean the closing of entire tube line and whilst a tube line was not mentioned at the TfL Finance Committee, its considered that the line most likely to be closed is either the Bakerloo or Jubilee lines. 

Now having grown up on the Bakerloo line and campaigned successfully for the seating of the Bakerloo line to be brought up to standard whilst an AM at City Hall, l find the suggestion that the Bakerloo line could be closed alarming as a result of the financial arguments between TfL and Department of Transport.

This will be castastrophic for Little Venice & Maida Vale and their respective tube stations Warwick Avenue and Maida Vale, as it will not only hamper travel to W9, but also put at risk greener and sustainable travel. This would come on top of the losing the Bus No 414 going through W9 since TfL stop it going down the Edgware Rd from Marble Arch onwards. 

So let us make sure it does not happen, beginning with signing the petition with the link below; 

Don’t Close the Bakerloo Line!