W9ers for the Bakerloo line

As the Evening Standard reported last week and this week again that the TfL financial crisis could mean the closing of entire tube line and whilst a tube line was not mentioned at the TfL Finance Committee, its considered that the line most likely to be closed is either the Bakerloo or Jubilee lines. 

Now having grown up on the Bakerloo line and campaigned successfully for the seating of the Bakerloo line to be brought up to standard whilst an AM at City Hall, l find the suggestion that the Bakerloo line could be closed alarming as a result of the financial arguments between TfL and Department of Transport.

This will be castastrophic for Little Venice & Maida Vale and their respective tube stations Warwick Avenue and Maida Vale, as it will not only hamper travel to W9, but also put at risk greener and sustainable travel. This would come on top of the losing the Bus No 414 going through W9 since TfL stop it going down the Edgware Rd from Marble Arch onwards. 

So let us make sure it does not happen, beginning with signing the petition with the link below; 



16 thoughts on “W9ers for the Bakerloo line

  1. Claudia K

    What can we do to ensure this does not happen? I’ve lived in Maida Vale my entire life (53 years) and the Bakerloo line is essential, not just a nice to have. We are being asked not to use our cars, the congestion charge is horrendously steep, but crossing London on a bus will take literally hours….it is inconceivable to think about the shutting down of an entire line. It would be much better if everybody could band together to try and prevent this, rather than piecemeal objections. I hope something is being prepared for us to get behind, and our lifeline is not closed down due to yet more petty squabbling between self serving bodies.

    1. Murad Post author

      You are quite right Claudia, we need to keep together on this one. I will set up a petition link for all of us who live in W9 are are dependent on the Bakerloo line stations like Maida Vale and Warwick Avenue at least.

      Please look out for it and send it around to all those whom we know in W9. We can then expand it across the rest of the Bakerloo line.

  2. David Woods

    Responsible central government should do all it can to ensure there is sufficient finance for all forms of public transport, as is the case in nearly all the major European cities: they know that, ultimately, it makes sound financial sense to do so. Unfortunately, our current central government seems to have no sense of what is financially prudent.

  3. Joan Boehi

    Just as we are all trying to do our best ‘re climate change , they think closing the Bakerloo line is acceptable. This is an important link to other tube connections and an important life line for residents in the Maida Vale area. We need to fight to keep it open.

  4. C Griffith

    The Bakerloo line links with several mainline stations and the main shopping street in Central London so this idea is completely mad. TFL have already removed this area’s link to Oxford Street on the No 6 bus and the 414 link from Marble Arch to The Chippenham. The 414”s removal has resulted in overcrowded snd unpleasant bus journeys on the way to and from Matble Arch with longer waits for a bus. Bus hopping isn’t so easy for older people with shopping . Do TFL actually have any one with a geographical or planning background working for them? Please forward your petition as soon as it is ready . Thanks for bringing this issue to everyone”s attention.

  5. Louise Ingleton

    TFL are losing the plot we are retired and get around by public transport bus journeys are no longer a joy as one bus does not take us where we go the 414 has been taken off the route to Maida Hill which means the number 6 is grossly overcrowded. We need the Bakerloo and Jubilee lines what will happen to visitors and locals going to Lords/Abbey Road and other interesting places round this area we will end up going nowhere due to inadequate transport links – this is meant to be the capital of England you cannot drive you cannot walk as you are mowed down by E Scooters and bicycles London is getting worse and worse the Mayor wants us to use public transport how can we with all this disruption

  6. A Thibaut

    Thank you so much for setting up the petition. I am sure all the local businesses will also want to sign it and and advertise it to their patrons.

    1. Murad Post author

      Thank you for this kind offer.

      How can l get flyers over to you to distribute to your business and other local businesses?

  7. Maureen Preston

    Closing a tube line at a time when we are all being urged, rightly, to use public transport is ridiculous and would have a major adverse effect on the people in the Maida Vale area and their ability to travel around London. Surely the Mayor does not want people from Harrow and Watford driving into London. For the elderly cycling in the new lanes is not an option. We must all do what we can to prevent the closure of the Bakerloo and Jubilee lines open.

  8. Lyubo Genchev

    Closing the Bakerloo Line would be unacceptable. Shall we all buy diesel cars then and join the traffic jam? Let’s not destroy London and the W9 area!


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