Vote leave, f*** the elite

When l finished my day of canvassing the day before the by-election in Stoke-on-Trent, l came across the above graffiti nearby the Bus station in Stoke on some derelict buildings in the middle of Town ” Vote leave, fuck the elite” This summed up very well what l heard on the door steps of Stoke during the day. They voted leave to show their two fingers up to the London elite and thus its not necessarily was anti-immigrate alone. 

So the questions arises, what do we do in response to people outside of the London bubble feeling that the elite was nothing to offer them? Well maybe moving the Palace of Westminster is the solution to it all, as we hear the pragmatic case for moving Britain’s capital to Manchester in the Economist magazine. The whole complex is in a dreadful state and could well require up to £ 5 billion to refurbish both the House of Commons & Lords. 

Just imagine for a moment what up to £ 5 billion spent in a Northern city like Manchester could do not only for shifting the economic centre of the UK but also how it could address many peoples concerns that the elite don’t listen to them that was shown quite clearly in Brexit referendum in the North. 

I trust those who are going to make this decision soon consider it very seriously, if only on value for money basis. With £ 5 billion you could even accommodate every MP and Lord in the Palace of Westminster, in a new premise!   

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