Volkswagen, EU & US authorities

Flags of little action in Europe against car manufacturers!!!

The latest MIT Report by Steve Barrett et al on air pollution shows how Volkswagen (VW) emissions scam have meant early death for thousands in Europe.

The study reports that some 2,600 people will die early across Europe having a bigger impact than in the US with fewer cars sold but higher population density and atmospheric conditions not helping in Europe, as the VW emissions are four times higher than in the laboratory on the road. 
Yet we have to ask when is the European Commission going to take action against VW as the US authorities lead the way? I ask this, as VW is paying up to $10,000 in compensation to each customer in the US but is refusing to pay any compensation to British & European owners. Now you may say this is not actually going to the victims of the emissions but nonetheless it shows action has been taken by US authorities.   
The EU Commission has shown itself good at taking action against member states governments on air pollution but not the car manufacturers themselves, the main source of the pollution. Some suggest that the EU Commission is beholden to Germany and all things German. So its up to the EU to show that it is not the case and show us some relevance in our lives by showing us that its prepared to defend Europeans lives against car manufacturers emissions in shortening our lives. Otherwise it becomes an irrelevant bureaucracy to us all.

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