Urgent Care for £100 min!

urgent care advertised in a flyer at a price!

While Labour call for the failing Urgent Care Centre (UCC) at St Mary’s Hospital to be brought back into direct NHS control after the recent Care Quality Commission (CQC) rated it inadequately run by the private healthcare firm Vocare Limited, we have another developed.  

Local private hospital like the Wellington in St John’s Wood offering the services of their UCC with flyers dropped at local homes for a minimum of initial consultation fee of £100. Please see photo of the flyer above. It states “Our UCC provides immediate care with no appointment needed for injuries and illnesses that are urgent but not life threatening, such as: …..” 

So not only are some hell bent to privatise our emergency health services even when there are not up to the mark but they also face the competition of private hospitals charging a minimum of £100. It sounds very much like a two tier health service, with those with insurance cover and disposal income having both options while the NHS fall back is asked to privatise these very services.

This is the brave new world of our emergency health services in London.  

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