Updated Tube Noise map?

You will find above the updated tube noise map from TfL. I am certain we still have gaps in the overall complaints being picked up by TtL. For example, the response to my last blog on the issue informed me of complaints of the tube noise from the Central line underground in Shepherds Bush where residents have been complaining for over 10 years to TfL Engineers who suggested that TfL either buy up the properties or build another tunnel within the tunnel to insulate from the tube noise. 

Which makes me think there is still a body of work to do getting us completely up to date with tube noise complaints in London. So please tell us of your complaints and we can begin comparing them against those TfL map above has and get them somehow to register them.  

Another useful comparison to make with tube noise complaints now with an analysis made by London South Bank, University Acoustic Group Noise Tube Map by Dr Stephen Dance in 2012. The analysis is shown graphically above on the London tube map by the thickness of tube lines for stations in Zone 1-3  by averaging the noise levels measured between stations.

The general analysis then was that the noise levels on surface trains is about 65-70 dBA, the sub-surface stations 70-75 dBA, however for the deep lines it ranges from 80-85 dBA. The highest levels were dangerously loud, greater than 85 dBA, these were Northern Line between Hampstead and Golders Green, Bakerloo Line between Baker Street and Marylebone, Central Line between Liverpool Streret to Mile End, and Piccadilly Line between Bounds Green and Wood Green.

I think this general analysis appears to stand up from my observations in Central London though again it will need updating to today’s levels of noise as its 4 years out of date and we have the night tube in operation on five of the those lines and more upgrading work undertaken though we are not sure whether those have contributed or reduced the noise levels. 

This analysis tells one thing at least, it would be useful for an updated  tube noise analysis to be commissioned by TfL to Acoustic experts across the whole of the tube system.