Unhealthy private airport monopoly ended around London

Londonwide Assembly Member and London Assembly representative on the Heathrow Airport Consultative Committee (HACC) Murad Qureshi, has welcomed today’s announcement from the Competition Commission compelling BAA to sell off both Gatwick and Stansted airports to different purchasers, as well as either Edinburgh or Glasgow, thus breaking up an unhealthy private monopoly.

Murad said:  "Today’s announcement ending BAA’s monopoly on airports in and around London is long overdue.  BAA have been focussing their efforts on growing Heathrow for far too long – with disastrous consequences – but this will open up some healthy competition between airports and I believe we’ll see better service at London airports in the future as a result.

"BAA’s monopoly has till now effectively stifled any competition between the airports in the South East, and this has not been in the best interests of passengers or of Heathrow’s neighbours.

"Forcing BAA to sell off both Gatwick and Stansted airports will inevitably lead to passengers getting a better service at all our airports and to the people of west London getting a more responsive neighbour and I think this is good news for everyone.  Let’s hope whoever takes over Gatwick and Stansted give BAA a run for their money."

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