Turning St Mary’s Churchyard into another Paddington St Gardens?

Anyone who goes to fashionable Marylebone will know there is a lovely public gardens just off Paddington Street, where shoppers, workers and students use to relax over lunchtime and late afternoons. It use to be a graveyard but has been consecrated for its present use and amentities by the Church Authorities. 

Now we have a similar site in Little Venice known as St Mary’s churchyard not far off from Paddington Green proper. A grandstand or two here, will not go a miss like we have in Paddington Street Gardens, along with an open space chessboard and plenty of benches for the students, shoppers and residents. 

It can clearly be given a sporting theme given at one end of the churchyard we have Little Venice Sports Centre which could be extended out with outside gym facilities as well. 

Before all this can happen we need residents in Hall Place Estate and St Mary’s Mansions on side with making the most of this green space in Little Venice, with their priorities. But first of all the site needs to be consecrated by the council via the Church authorities. And if it could have been done for Paddington St Gardens, l can’t see why not for St Mary’s Churchyard. 

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