TSSA conference – We’re fighting for a better London Transport


Last Thursday night l was happy to join a panel discussion at Coin St, Neighbourhood Centre,SE1 hosted by TSSA to campaign for better London Transport.  This was with Sadiq Khan MP for Tooting; Manuel Cortes General Secretary of TSSA; Zara Todd  of Sisters of Frida & Christian Wolmar, the Transport commentator and aspiring Labour candidate for Mayor in 2016.

This was a timely event as it fell in the same week as we heard about TfL management plans to sell-off all 268 ticket offices and the latest planned inflation busting increase in fares on the railways and almost certainly the tube & buses in London. The day before, we had the launch of the #Great Train Robbery campaign.  This launched a petition from Sadiq Khan’s office in response to this double whammy for the users of public transport in London this week.

Another main points which was raised when the discussion was opened out to the floor was about accessibility of transport infrastructure in London. This issue is a chronic one because it’s not just the disabled who require accessibility but also mothers with prams and even tourists with their heavy luggage.

For me it was a great way to end the summer political season with such a lively and topical public meeting.  It was also a reminder about the importance of public transport in London to its resident’s cost of life especially as we are finding inflation busting fare increases along reduction in qulaity of service  with the furture loss of ticket offices. 

Last weeks meeting also brought together organisations and individuals to start building a vision of a better London transport, so, why not join TSSA in telling us your vision of a Better London Transport. Spread the word via http://www.tssa.org.uk/en/campaigns/blt/index.cfm

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