Tresco House – watch out for this PDR conversion!


Having recently commenting on the government expanding permitted development rights to make sure it does not in rabbit hutch homes, l thought l should have a look around the neighbourhood it see if there is any prospect of such a residential conversion from offices. Being on the gateway to the West End there was bound to be a few cases nearby, and the most obvious one was Tresco House. 

In this search l also discovered that most of central London is, exempt from Permitted Development Rights legislation, as Article 4 Directions have been implemented which cover the Central Activities Zone (CAZ). The CAZ is protected and recognised as containing 1.7 million jobs (a third of the London total), generating 10% of the entire UK’s economic output. As the featured map above clearly shows. 

As for Tresco House, l am not quite sure if it falls within the boundaries of the CAZ for Central London as it appears the CAZ goes a bit along Lisson Grove.  But if its outside of it, the building leads itself to a conversion with wide dimensions so should not end up as a block of rabbit hutches while being on the edge of the CAZ. At the moment its still used by the DWP as an assessment centre though  they was rumours they will have to sell up soon as a result of previous austerity cuts. So watch this space. 


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