Time for Workplace Parking Levy (WPL) in Westminster?

In my neighbourhood in Central London, early in the morning, you can often see many fancy cars going into the underground parking of office developments.  Their movements are unlikely to be regulated by the parking regime in the City of Westminster which solely focuses on street parking. So maybe its time this parking was better regulated as l am sure a lot of the movement of vehicles going into the congestion zone know at least they will not be paying for parking and it will of course at least help improve the air pollution levels along the boundaries of the congestion zone like the Marylebone Road.

Having done some research on the matter, it is quite clear Hounslow Council are a leading authority on work place charging, with their proposal along the Great West Corridor (Golden Mile) to help fund a passenger rail link from Brentford to Southall.  Clearly Hounslow are the leading London Council on Work Place Charging matters in Greater London now and the success of their scheme will encourage other proposals. 

So it is interesting to see a suburban London borough investigating the possibilities while yet no Central London council has done so yet where its likely to be more financially viable. For councils like Westminster, it would presumably be a golden egg to fund further environmental and transport initiatives in the borough as the revenues will be ring fenced for environment and transport expenditure. The possibilities should at least be investigated for the City of Westminster. 


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